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The Bushmen of South Africa



          The political, intellectual, and religious traits of the Bushmen work together to create a beautiful culture. Through the political rule the Bushmen have been able to establish a very advance, and yet selfless community. Through religion the Bushmen have been able to hold onto their beliefs even today, never being thought of as savage ones or horrible sacraficial ones. But a religion that like its political system is well ordered and not so complicated. The intellectual Bushmen have been able to use, what we may see as primitive technology, to hunt, build a tribe, and survive. The Bushmen and Ibo people are similar. Both were invaded by European powerhouses and both had the choice of either converting, or attempting to stay as they were. The Bushmen have tried to keep their way of life as similar as their ancestors did. But as some do convert, most will stay where they are and continue to use the land in the way their ancestors used it in the past. The Ibo have also been taken over by major European powerhouses, yet more of them have accepted and converted the the ways of the Europeans. A sad prediction is what we make for the Bushmen. Although they may try to fight the growing influences, they will try to keep their culture alive, but little by little it is dying every day. Some are tired of living as outcasts and want to rejoin the community, but can not bring themselves to do so because of the dramatic change it would cause. Some will stay with their culture until the very end, but when those people die and their children decide to join the community of the converted, the culture will be burried with them. So as the world changes and the influences come and go, the Bushmen stay the Bushmen. Some may adapt, but never will they forget where they came from.

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