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The Bushmen of South Africa

The Intellectual Bushmen

A drinking capsule made of an ostrich egg

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The Bushmen, which is what they call themselves, lived in the Kalahari Desert. They had, and some still do have, nomadic charectoristic toeht technology and the use of their techonolgy. They where catagorized as nomadic because they moved around in groups of 25 to 30 searching for food and gathering berries and such. They did not have perminent places to stay, but instead relied on rock caves and open shelters that they built along the way while hunting. Decisions regarding hunting relied upon the weather at that time and when the the animals would be free and plump. The Bushmen, or San, refused to use modern weapons to hunt, but instead relied upon wood, stone, and bone spears that had been poisoned. The act of hunting was very importent to the San people because they did not cultivate crops or heard any kind of animal. What was there was for everybody and there was no such thing as individual ownership. Tracking an animal was considered an art practiced by the men of the tribe. The role would involve not only tracking, but shooting the animal with the weapons that they had and setting small traps for other animals. When the tribe moved, all they brought with them where blankets to carry items in, smaller ones for babies or small children, ostrich bowls for liquid since they did not make pottory, and of course their weapons.

Item used to poison arrows